Discover new relationships - ABP at the GIFA 2019

What if the equipment had a smartphone?

If you think about it: this would change our relationship with the equipment. It would allow the machinery to draw your attention when needed, search for ways to improve its performance, even communicate among each other to align the best production rhythm. That is exactly what ABP is striving to do.

MyABP customer portal will be the hub where you, the machinery and ABP will exchange information to create more value. “exchange information” in ABP content does not mean dashboards! We turn data into insights. You need an example? Your equipment will tell you when it needs maintenance, the step by step maintenance protocol will be available to you and your team can schedule and distribute service tasks in the MyAPB portal.

Following this line of thought the next question arises: if the equipment thinks and decides, what service Apps will it download?

The equipment purpose is to achieve the maximum availability, in addition to the excellent quality of product and the highest possible energy efficiency. Therefore, good apps have to be able to: monitor the condition of its key components, evaluate process efficiency and costs, and of course social media apps to chat and share a digital profile.

In practice, that is how ABP is turning this into reality: With the connection to the equipment sensors data to ABP powerful edge computer. This industrial PC will process all information about the main condition of your systems. The data will be turned into information and information into required actions. This will be available to the right people at the right time. What makes ABP solution even more valuable is the fact that it is not just focused on its own equipment. It is an open solution that can be easiliy implemented for 3rd party machinery.

Often the customers criticise that a huge amount of time and energy is wasted in maintaining and operating the furnaces, but the results are not perfect. ABP is answering to that by bringing more technology to the process, facilitating the communication with its experts and providing the care level tailored for the customers’ needs.

The engineers from ABP summarize the approach as follows: “the best stress reduction solution for the workplace. Our system will monitor the process, remind users and provide the required know-how. We are enabling our customers to do what they do best: produce!”

Remember: Under the #ENTERABP the next steps into the digital world of hybrid service solutions will be presented. Of course, the focus is on combining equipment with new technologies - for maximum productivity, maximum availability and optimum process quality.