Technology brings us closer - ABP at the GIFA 2019

What does a Formula 1 car have in common with ABP equipment?

Both are high-performance equipment operating in extreme conditions. Both have energy efficiency as a top priority and reduce losses during the race/process. But, the equipment is just a part of the equation. The driver/operators, the pit crewe/maintenance team have to perform at the top level to win in such competitive environments.

What makes you a winner?

That is a very complex question with many theories and studies to consider. One variable appears more often than not: training, and more training is what is required to master a skill.

ABP knows that and strives to ensure that the people dealing with the equipment are taking it to its fullest potential and in the safest environment. The logical next step to achieve all of this was to create a 3D environment, which permits full immersion and simulations of tasks in the safest environment.

Like the Formula 1 drivers who use simulators to train for the next track, the support teams rehearse all possible situations. The ABP solution provides training modules with step by step guidance for the user to execute tasks and support him in sharpening their skills and build new knowledge. Now, the foundry team can train maintenance scenarios, best practices in operations, and even simulate unexpected/critical situations to ensure the team will be safe in all circumstances. If something goes wrong, you will just need to press reset and start again.

This is already a good start, but the combination with myABP permits leaders to manage their teams skill set, making ABP training a comprehensive solution. It suggests to the users what available training would be required in order to perform upcoming maintenance, to increase productivity, or keep high levels of safety.

To sum Up…

ABP packed a foundry into your backpack. Using either virtual reality glasses or a laptop, the user can in the most convenient time and place improve their skills. Managers can make sure their teams are well prepared for the challenges ahead and meet those challenges in the safest ways possible. The combination between a skilled team and ABP technology enables your melting team to operate at full capacity. Besides frequent releases of new training modules, ABP can also create a virtual twin of your foundry and develop specific training scenarios for you that are site specific.