New digital Services - ABP at the GIFA 2019

How the way you experience the world around you changed in the last 20 years

In the last two decades, technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple have come onto the market and are dominating their markets with enormous growth rates. They are revolutionizing our behaviour and influencing where and when we receive information, how we communicate, and how we interact with our environment.

If we focus on the foundry and forging industry today, we have seen some improvements in equipment technology and process automation, but nothing compares to what is happening today in our private lives (business-to-customer).

This is partly due to the life cycle of the equipment and the economic challenges our industry has been through. But the main reason why no company has faced these challenges so far is that no company dares to lead this revolution.

ABP Induction Systems has now taken on this industrial responsibility and will lead and drive this revolution.

The ABP revolution is based on four principles:

1. Make the equipment more intelligent: ABP has started to network all machines and plants within the foundries and forges with the Edge-Centric approach. Deviations (alarm signals), which are reported by the plant sensors, are forwarded in real time. This fundamentally changes the interaction and communication between plant managers, plant operators and maintenance staff throughout the installed base!

2. Share your know-how: The second part is the ABP Expert on Demand solution. With this approach, remote troubleshooting or repairs can be easily supported remotely. With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) tools, downtimes can be reduced by up to 50% while at the same time reducing support costs. You see your plant with our eyes.

3. Practice makes perfect: Many operational, maintenance and occupational safety problems can be solved by better training of the entire team. For this reason, ABP has developed a virtual training environment in which the machines and equipment within the foundries and forges are represented as digital twins. Here, various training models can be simulated in a 3-D environment based on roles. With this training procedure your employees can also train rarely occurring maintenance and safety procedures independent of location. ABP brings the training home to you.

4. The most important thing: Make it simple for yourself. The myABP portal is the central point for recognition, recommendations and all relevant knowledge about your plant. You can manage your services, plant parts lists and documentation, your quotations and orders, request support and establish a connection to the various systems in your production.

Make it simple for yourself is the most important thing.

Like any revolution, it is not a task for just one person or company. ABP invites all customers, suppliers and other machine and plant manufacturers to participate in the revolution. Join us and become a part of this new movement.

ABP is already partnering with other companies such as Saveway, EIODATA and various universities to quickly add even more value to the myABP platform.

Take advantage of this cooperation and contact us.

The revolution has already begun.