GIFA 2019 - #EnterABP - June 25-29, Germany

How can I find all the information that I need about my ABP equipment? Just ask MyABP

MyABP is the place where you can find the parts lists for all of your ABP equipment. You can find information about your open ABP orders, delivery times, or when an engineer service technician would be available for a service call. The MyABP digital platform opens the door to a new world of digital services for you and your team. Your equipment and systems, your employees and processes, will benefit from the new MyABP functionality. You can focus on your business and let ABP take care of the rest.

We like to think of MyABP as the next leap in functionality, a Foundry and Forging 4.0 and Digitalization, of what ABP has been offering our customers for decades. The networking of ABP equipment will raise your productivity to a higher level, decrease downtime, and raise profitability. MyABP will support you and your company as we raise your ABP equipment to a new level of functionality.

The new portal and how you get started

The new ABP website will become your digital platform for your equipment, employees, and processes. To meet requirements like cost reduction, quality assurance, reductions in CO2 emissions, energy savings, safety, and plant uptime, we have completely rethought our ABP service solutions and brought them all together in MyABP.

For you, this means that MyABP will become your personal assistant for information regarding the operation and maintenance of your ABP heating and melting systems. We can also provide this service for non-ABP manufactured equipment. Since this service is web based, it will be available whenever you need it and wherever you need it. Our platform presents itself as an open system for all of the processes and equipment involved in your factory – regardless of whether these are melting operations, sanding equipment, or molding systems. Upstream and downstream processes can be integrated easily into the platform. Here you will find all the documents concerning your systems – from product descriptions and drawings through maintenance manuals to service reports.

Many years of experience combined with superior digital know-how

You benefit from ABP’s decades long experience: in this digital environment, our manufacturing knowledge is combined with the advantages of artificial intelligence, and deep data analyses. MyABP provides you with a central channel to all the services concerning your equipment.

MyABP can do even more: under the #ENTERABP label, we will present to you very soon the next steps to take in the breakthrough of hybrid service solutions to the digital world. The focus is on the link between ABP furnace systems and the Internet of Things – for the greatest possible productivity, the maximum availability, and the perfect functionality – the new user of MyABP.

You can look forward to our journey towards the GIFA 2019 trade fair. Join us – we will revolutionize service… and this is just the beginning.