How can I find all the information that I need about my ABP equipment? Just ask MyABP

ABP Induction

MyABP is the place where you can find the parts lists for all of your ABP equipment. You can find information about your open ABP orders, delivery times, or when an engineer service technician would be available for a service call. The MyABP digital platform opens the door to a new world of digital services for you and your team. Your equipment and systems, your employees and processes, will benefit from the new MyABP functionality. You can focus on your business and let ABP take care of the rest.

What if the equipment had a smartphone?

ABP Induction

If you think about it: this would change our relationship with the equipment. It would allow the machinery to draw your attention when needed, search for ways to improve its performance, even communicate among each other to align the best production rhythm. That is exactly what ABP is striving to do. MyABP customer portal will be the hub where you, the machinery and ABP will exchange information to create more value.