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ABP EcoLine

The new entry into the ABP furnace world.
Easy to order, simple to install, ready to use in no time.


Ready-to-use in three easy steps.

The new ABP EcoLine furnace system from ABP is your entry into the world of metal processing. It's never been quicker for your company to get started. Long waiting times and high installation costs? Expensive equipment and costly service? Oversized furnaces with high energy consumption? Forget those problems: The new ABP EcoLine furnace system gets you ready to go in just a few steps.


Just define your preferred ABP EcoLine furnace in the ABP webshop.


After delivery by ABP, your own technician team can install the new furnace on your schedule - no factory service visit required.


With the supplied instructions from ABP, you can put your furnace into operation and start production.

ARE YOU READY? Buying foundry equipment has never been easier:
simply purchase your desired equipment in the ABP webshop!


Few steps to launch,
many advantages for your success.

With the ABP EcoLine, ABP Induction responds to what foundries need: a furnace system that is available quickly and easy to commission, cost-effective to operate and to purchase. Your advantages at a glance:

More flexibility for small batches, with ideal furnace sizes, cost-effective installation and operation for greater business success.

Installation and maintenance can be carried out by your own technicians - no need to wait for a factory service visit.

Detailed operation/maintenance manuals, written by ABP experts.

Fit-for-purpose furnace system designed for ease of use and ease of handling – for a fast entry into the melting market.

Available immediately with short delivery times*. Just plug in and melt!

Developed and built with the proven technology and experience of ABP Induction's engineering team.

*Most configurations are available "off the shelf".


It's your choice.

ABP’s EcoLine series furnaces are the uncomplicated melting solution for emerging foundries.

Straight-forward design and operation allow reliable melting results for a more-than-reasonable price, starting from 50.000 Euros*.

Configure now your own EcoLine:

*Price depending on configuration and destination country

EcoLine H

Crucible furnace
400 kg – 600 kg (based on cast iron)
up to 350 kW

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